Facebook Shutdowns Acqui-hired Firm Branch Media

Facebook Shutdowns Acqui-hired Firm Branch Media


The session of long winded conversations, the feel of togetherness and the idea of making new friends will no longer remain the same! The unexpected news is here- Branch Media, the acqui-hired firm of Facebook, has finally decided to bring the site to the end. Well, they haven’t decided the fate of Potluck.it- though it is also not working!

It seems that the spree of acqui-hired shutdowns will never cease! Branch Media that was lately acqui-hired by Facebook in January 2014 has decided to shut one of its main sites. While the firm has officially announced the end for Branch.com, they have nothing to say about Potluck.it (the site for Potluck is currently down). With the end of two of its sites, Branch Media team will continue to work on the other ongoing projects of Facebook.

Branch.com and the official word!

With a very heartwarming note, Branch.com announced the culmination of its online ‘conversational’ site Branch.com. The news was confirmed in the website domain where the team shared a personal vote of thanks. Also, the former co-founder and CEO for Branch.com, Josh Miller announced the closure news through a tweet on Twitter. It is notable that Facebook acquired the conversation site in 2014, and after working for one and half a year, the project came to an end. Addressing the wider online audience out there with a tweet, Josh Miller thanked everyone who contributed actively on making their idealism work!
The note of thanks that was shared in the official website was cheerful and touching!


All you need to know about Branch Media!

Back in 2014, when Facebook acqui-hired Branch Media for $ 15 million, the speculations related to the uncertain future of branch.com were common. While the Quora digests were full of questions, suggestions, and apprehensions, everybody was in doubt whether Facebook will shut or continue the two of the websites managed by the media house. Three years back when branch.com first came in the online market; it stood up as a social platform for nurturing the twin purpose of hosting and publishing invite-only conversations. Branch Media and every effort shared by the site were centric with the sole purpose of empowering conversations. With headquarters in New York, Branch Media was founded by Cemre Gungorm, Hursh Agrawal, and Josh Miller on September 1, 2011. Branch was formerly regarded as Roundtable and came into news for sharing a high-end platform for public discourse.

branch and pot luck

Mobilemag.com Insights
Before discussing anything, let’s have an overview at Facebook’s acqui-hired companies and strategies.

Parakey The first firm that was acqui-hired by Facebook in 2007! Parakey worked seamlessly in both offline and online mode, helping people to work effectively. It was founded by Blake Ross and Joe Hewitt. You must know them- they were also the creators of Mozilla Firefox Browser!
FriendFeed As per Mark Zuckerberg, he bought the firm for $ 50 million because he wanted the Co-founder Bret Taylor to work with him. FriendFeed gives users the news stream of friends, compiled from different social sites like YouTube, Flickr and so on. FriendFeed was acquired on August 2009.
Octazen Much speculated acquisition; Octazen came to Facebook on February 2010. Octazen works as a contact portal that allows Facebook users to invite friends for sign up.
Divvyshot Founder- Sam Odio The idea behind the company was to make group photo sharing easy! Facebook acqui-hired Divvyshot for Sam Odio, who is now working as Product Manager for Facebook. .
Sharegrove Just like FriendFeed, Facebook acqui-hired the company for cofounder Adam Wolff. Kent Libbey, the other founder for Sharegrove, never joined Facebook. Sharegrove was acqui-hired on May, 2010.
Nextstop Nextstop was acqui-hired with the idea of immediately shutting the company down. As a travel recommendation site with a social touch, Nextstop was bought at $2.5 million in July 2010.
Chai Labs  Chai Labs was a content management system that helped users in creating insightful content. Facebook acqui-hired the firm for $10 million.
Hot Potato  Bought at $10 million, shut immediately after the deal and everything happened for a single person- the co-founder Justin Shaffer. Date of acqui-hiring was July, 2007.
Drop.io  Yet another $10 million amount that Facebook pay to acqui-hire Drop.io- all for the founder Sam Lessin! The day was October 29, 2010.
Beluga  Both the product and the people’s acquisition happened with Beluga. Facebook acquired the firm on March, 2011.
Snaptu  A service that could convert your favorite website into a working mobile application. Facebook spent a fantastic amount of $50-60 million for this mobile app startup that was acquired on March, 2011.
DayTum  Facebook acqui-hired the company for Nich Felton and Ryan Case- the founders who are now working as product designers for Facebook.

The table frankly tells about Facebook’s acqui-hiring strategy! More than the product or services, the company likes to invest in the talent behind the particular service. Maybe, this is the reason why team Branch Media will continue to work for Facebook (even thought the social network giant has dejected two of their dear projects).

The New Beginning

The three co-founders of Branch Media have shifted to Facebook! It is said that Miller has been the part of two different projects under Facebook that are quite similar to the ideology of Branch. One of the apps is called ‘Rooms’ that allow users to create their own personal forums for swift conversations and the other is ‘Riff’ that help users in creating and sharing video clips.

The eye for appreciation is always fantastic- all because it considers the talent and opens the door for innovation! Facebook has that eye, and Branch is the desirable talent. With the closure of Branch.com and Potluck.it, we hope the team is planning to achieve some new heights of success and growth.
As a devoted follower, we will be eagerly waiting for the upcoming innovations prepared by Facebook and Branch Media together (though we will also miss branch.com at times). Thanks team for enlightening our conversational journey with your endeavors…!