Windows 10 Release Date, Review and Features (Video)

Windows 10 Release Date, Review and Features (Video)


Microsoft has finally announced the official arrival of Windows 10 and the day is July 29th, 2015! Right from the day of release, Windows 10 will be awarded as a ‘free upgrade’ option to the Windows 7 and 8.1 users – and as said, the free upgrade will be accessible for the duration of a year. For the worldwide audience of 190 countries spread all across the globe, Microsoft’s Windows 10 will be available for pre-orders within a couple of weeks.

The wait is finally over! As decided earlier in September 2014, Microsoft has stood by the decision of releasing the new operating system in the holiday season, and owing to this, the latest version of Windows will be officially available from July 29th. After the ‘not-so-wonderful’ performance of Windows 8 and 8.1, Microsoft has raised high expectations from the upcoming version of operation system. Windows 10 aims to deliver and handle the multiple needs of workstations, gaming rigs and touch-functionality system- making it a ‘one-for-all’ multitalented PC solution.


Back in 2014, when Microsoft first announced the coming of Windows 10, it was clear that the tech giant was hell-bent in delivering an optimized system for PCs, tablets, and smartphones collectively. After Windows 8 and 8.1, Microsoft decided to skip the expected version of ‘Windows 9’ and rather initiated the presentation of the innovative operating system as Windows Technical Preview (WTP).

So let’s have a look at some of the most outstanding features of Windows 10!

Official release date- July 29, 2015.
Pricing details-
  • Windows 10 will be available for ‘free’ upgrade for genuine i.e. registered Microsoft users of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1.
  • It will be free for a year’s time.
What’s New in Windows 10-
  • Counters the much-anticipated flaws of Windows 8 with respect to responsiveness features in touch screen devices.
  • Optimized built for mobile and web.
  • Refined security features- Window 10 comes with the two- step authentication method that increased the data security in a system. The first step security in through password and the second step enables a ‘code’ verification method.
  • Windows 10 comes with DLP Technique! The Data Loss Prevention method distinguishes data into two sub categories- personal data and corporate data.
  • Offers integrated code and APIs- Windows 10 presents the first integrated platform for mobile applications that could run the application on various OS like mobile phones, Tablets, Xbox console, and desktops.
  • The onset of a news browser names ‘Spartan’.
  • Release of Holographic computing platform for 3D apps.
  • Cortana, Microsoft’s in-house voice-based virtual assistant, will integrate voice commands in Windows 10. The OS will also offer app recommendations on the basis of usage of particular apps. <
  • Windows 10 is up with a new lock screen and updated spotlight feature. Spotlight will work quite interestingly- it will suggest users about apps and tools that they might not have used.
  • Bigger, better and brighter start menu for Windows 10- redesigned with a slight tint of Windows 7 style features for both- touch and mouse users.
  • Available in 7 prominent versions- IoT, Mobile, Home, Enterprise and Professional are already in line.
How to buy Windows 10? For buying the consumer version (that will be available through pre-orders), the cost is $119.
For buying the professional version, the cost is $199. According to CNET, the price range is similar to that of Windows 8.
Latest Development- Windows 10 will be officially available on the tiny innovation ‘Raspberry Pi 2’ and for Intel’s Minnowboard Max. Microsoft came up with certain alterations and specification changes for making the operating system ‘fit’ for the purpose.


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Ease in Availability
Microsoft wants to put Windows 10 in a very comfortable spot- a spot from where it becomes easily accessible and handy for the people to adopt it! Probably, this is the reason why Microsoft has released the ‘reserved’ program that invites the users to first sign up for Windows 10 in advance. For most of the users out there, Windows 10 code is free for an upgrade. It fairly declares Microsoft’s goal to spread the operating system in about 1 Billion machines right at the onset.

The reason why everyone should use it!
You definitely need a very strong reason for avoiding Windows 10 (otherwise it will be barely a lame excuse)! Windows 10 has the potential of delivering better results than the disappointed features of existing operation systems. With the latest operating system, Microsoft has kept ‘public’ in the best interest. It’s a fit-for-all operating system- maybe not the best one in the world, but certainly better than Windows 8 and 8.1.

Microsoft’s vision to acquire more users!
As per the statistical data presented by IDC, Window 8 registered 35 to 37 Million users in 2014. For the same session, there were 158 Million users for Windows XP, 30 Million users for Windows Vista and 450 Million users for Windows 7. Needless to say, the statistics and user feedback for Windows 8 has ever remained disappointing. By far the biggest flaw with Windows 8 was pertaining to the user interface, responsiveness, and intuitiveness. Thankfully, with the latest OS, Microsoft has countered the limitations created by the previous version.

Is Windows 10 the best available option?
Certainly not- the features are very promising, but we cannot avoid the fact that Windows 10 is still raw! Microsoft has approximately 58 days to make it flawless, and we will wait for the final cut of the OS. As a version that counters the flaws of the previous version, Windows 10 is doing well. It enterprises modern day computing in a brilliant way- and undoubtedly, declares the arrival of a fantastic software project for Microsoft. The concept is brilliant, but the flaw is in the exclusion! With the amount of time Microsoft has in hand, we just hope that the idea is executed in the best possible way.
Let’s wait till July 29 when the world will finally witness the delight of Windows 10!