Google I/O 2015- Day 1 and Announcements!

Google I/O 2015- Day 1 and Announcements!


The keynote day for Google I/O conference 2015 was geared with the excitement of much-awaited announcements- the world was waiting, and Google was ready to share the idea of innovation with everyone around. The entire day was absolutely dedicated to Google’s upcoming trends, projects, ideas and constructive strategies- you might have missed most of it but don’t worry, here we have compiled a list of things that you cannot afford to ignore. Have a look!

A whale is shown on a large screen as Google I/O 2015 attendees wait for the keynote presentation in San Francisco, Thursday, May 28, 2015. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)
A whale is shown on a large screen as Google I/O 2015 attendees wait for the keynote presentation in San Francisco, Thursday, May 28, 2015. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

After Apple, HBO Now will be on Android-

From this summer season, the Standalone streaming service of HBO will be now available at Android. Earlier, the cable-free service was available on Apple for a temporary duration.

The success journey of Google Play-

With 1 Billion active users on Google Play, the tech giant is happy to announce the annual app installation figures i.e. 50 Billion in numbers.

The coming of a new milestone ‘Family Star’-

The designation ‘Family Star’ will be hence provided to the applications that are family-friendly. Google will start a new category for the family section, and will award the designation to some apps.



The Coming of new operating system ‘Android M’- Features!

  • Android M comes with superior App permission controls. For instance, while using apps (like GPS access) for the first time, permissions will we asked (rather than direct install). The process will be more systematic and step-by-step during installation of apps.

  • With the help of the custom tabs in Chrome, developers will now be able to access a skinnable version of Chrome. The latest version of Chrome can be embedded in their apps.

  • With Android M, developers can now lock the Android intents. It will limit the third-party app interference.

  • Android M has redefined the NFC Touch-To-Pay part in the Google Wallet. Now it will be come with the operating system- just open your device, catch the NFC reader in the retail shops, hold it on and your payment will be done. There is no need to share your credit card details with the store. With the latest update, Android Pay will work effectively with any NFC-enabled smart device (that will be on Android).

  • The Fingerprint Reader support is nothing new- it is already available in smartphones! Yet, the operating system has initiated the support. It will help a user in making payment in the play store- with the user of thumb impression and so on.

  • Android M come with a ‘Doze-ing’ effect! That means when a device is not in use, the apps will be sent to the low-power ‘doze’ mode. According to Google, the standby life of a device will be extended to 2X level.

  • Simple Volume controls, improvised Copy/Pasting options and independent mode for setting the volume of ringer/alarm/music.



The Apple Influence-

Google has announced the coming of USB-C Type to Android soon.

What’s New with the Android Wear-

  • As Google says, is always On!

  • Super fast navigation with wrist gestures.

  • Comes with an all new emoji recognizer.

  • Simplified (yet impressive) UI interface.

The onset of two new projects- Google and the Internet of Things!

Google announced the coming of Brillo and Weave! Brillo is meant for IoT devices and works as an operating system. On the other hand, Weave sets the standard for communication for IoT devices. Both Brillo and Weave can be used independently and collectively by gadget makers. By the end of this year, developers will be able to access them!

Accuracy with speech recognition.

The error has been improved with a rate of 8% in 2015. For the year 2013, Google made an improved of 23%.

Google Now and innovation-

With the latest update, Google now will be using the real time information on the screen as context to add info in your knowledge. For instance, you are reading reviews of an app in the Android store. Hold the ‘home’ button and it will bring all the details about the app.

Google Photos and the breakup with Google Plus!

The Google Plus is no more hosting the stuff for Google Photos. For now, Google Photos is free and can store pictures up to 16 MP. It can also store video up to 1080p- with availability in Android, web and iOS system.

Enhancing the offline support for Maps-

Google is strengthening the offline support for Maps. It is potentially good for the businesses that users will be able to check their reviews and navigation with/without the Internet.

The release of Google V2-

Awesome and affordable- Google Cardboard V2 is out! V2 will support smartphones that have screen as big as at least 6 inch. Plus, the new update has replaced V1 with more appropriate buttons and magnet.

Cardboard Fieldtrips: Innovating classrooms

As announced, Google will be shipping personalized kits to teachers for their Cardboard Fieldtrips. The ‘Expedition’ kits that will be supplied to teachers will allow them to control ( and to keep the class in sync) the class with a tablet. For students, it will be all about the virtual reality experience.

JUMP- immersive 360 degree VR video filming.

The planning for launching a 360 degree camera rig and server-size software is already implemented. JUMP is a counterpart for the Cardboard- it will re-align VR as per your movements (within a certain restriction for the angle and degree of movement).

While Google right now is not selling any VR camera rig, GoPro is coming with a similar concept (same as the specifications of JUMP). Insight:

Quite similar to what we expected from Google I/O conference 2015, the tech giant stood well in the wide degree of speculation raised from them. Google that is already up with more than 4000 + in-house apps has announced the coming of more applications by the end of this year. We are particularly impressed with the latest flick ‘Family Star’ milestone, Doze effect and announcement related to USB-C type. From Android M to the ‘Whale-yyy’ start of the conference, so far, everything seems promising and exciting-. Let’s wait for the day two-we are quite confident that there is still a lot to come!