The Google Twitter Deal is Now Live. Tweets To Show Up in...

The Google Twitter Deal is Now Live. Tweets To Show Up in Search Results.


People follow what Google declares to be ‘TRENDING’! What if you find a tweet trending on Google’s fresh carousel format? What amount of traffic will Twitter earn from this latest development?

Well, the news is good for Twitter (and for Google) as the later has finally implemented the deal signed with the micro blogging site- now Twitter’s tweets will be seen in the Google’s search list!

Almost a year ago, Google signed a pact with Twitter whereby most of the feed of tweets would be seen in the search results of Google. The deal is live and now, you can see that Google is finally delivering the promise.

While the promise for implementation in desktop searches is still awaited, Google has already initiated the deal for the mobile devices- making it appealing in graphical interface!

The Tale of ‘Mutual’ Needs!

Twitter and Google almost took four years for realizing the fact that they need each other! After neglecting the deal (for more than 4 years), Twitter and Google finally revealed the significance of this deal through their respective blog posts.

The first sign of the existence related to this pact came into light on Tuesday, when Google declared the appearance of tweets in the gist of mobile searches. Before this week, Google only showed a selected amount of tweets and Twitter accounts in the search list.

The sign of absolute results were not seen before this week- but hopefully, we will be able to see a fully integrated result list from now onwards.

The ‘Win-Win’ Situation for Twitter:

So why all of a sudden, Google and Twitter decided to implement the change in the search result tally? As far as Twitter is concerned, the fact that Tweets never appear on the top of the search result is true.

Search for a keyword in the result list and you will find that Tweets appear in a worthless spot- far from the sight of an organic searcher. Most of the time, you can see that the tweets are completely missing from the search list.

In such a situation, the deal is quite promising for Twitter- accepting the fact that Google is the most widely used search engine, and it can easily influence the course of organic traffic for Twitter.

What Google has to say!

Well, we are really curious to know about the procedure and functionality than Google will follow in order to scrutinize Tweets. Will it be chronological sorted or whether there will be some sort of filters? What about the content that is obscene yet popular- will Google implement that too?

The company won’t answer that for sure, but Google’s blog post has something to announce! The announcement that came through the means of official blog post declares the significance of getting ‘real-time’ information on a situation (or an event in practice).

According to Google, it is the best way for organizations to reach the audience that is globally situated and located. Insight:

As per Twitter, there is no monetization involved in the entire process of this deal! It means that Twitter will not earn any direct money when a click is directed from Google.

But do you think that the idea of this deal is monetary in origin? What about the vast conversion rate that Twitter could win due to this deal? Growth in traffic, more users, more engagement and wide network- the idea behind this deal is far from what it seems!

With this update, Google will now show a button for ‘more tweets’! It means a user who is interested in the micro blogging site will be able to find more relevant tweets with the help of search engine giant.

With the new Twitter carousel at Google, the launch of Twitter on a different browser will bring more tweets and ads. Ultimately, it will encourage more downloads and sign-ins that would be a win-win situation for both, Twitter and Google.

The onset of a ‘New’ deal after the failure of ‘Old’ one!

At the start of this year, Twitter gave the access of ‘Firehose’ (the official feed of tweets) to Google as a part of a deal. Twitter announced that they will be providing complete access to Google- since Google already has the access of some tweets, and absolute crawling is incomplete without having the access on Firehose.

It is certain that Google cannot crawl all the tweets, which are available in vast numbers. As far as Google is concerned, the idea of having all the information is the main concern for Google.

Missing information means incomplete search results- now this is something that Google will never accept! The data associated with the deal has helped Google in more than many ways.

Why the deal failed in the first attempt?

Well, rumors and speculations are always there! It is said that in 2011 (when the discussion of thye partnership was still new), Twitter asked for a ‘payment’ before finally giving the access of Firehose to the search engine giant.

For Google, Twitter has been nothing but a potential competitor- why feeding a competitor? It was also said that Twitter was a bit reluctant about the deal- for them the importance of this deal was meaningless from the point of view of growth and revenue.

Finally….they met!

It is certain that Twitter and Google have been in some sort of a partnership for quite a while now. Though the deal came into practice on Tuesday, it is not for the first time when Twitter and Google have been linked together.

The last deal that started on Feb, 2015 and soon ended has culminated into a fresh deal! The deal has just gone deeper, brighter and more promising. Currently, the deal is implemented for mobile devices and that too in countries like the U.S (in English).

A user can thereby choose to browse via iOS, Android and Google Search App for having a look at the latest change. On the other hand, Twitter has promised support for the same in the desktop interface for other languages, in the coming month.

As far as we are concerned, the idea is for a comfortable and insightful user experience! Hopefully, Twitter and Google will understand this point!