Apple Has Dropped Its Plans for High Definition TV Sets

Apple Has Dropped Its Plans for High Definition TV Sets



Almost a year ago, we heard that Apple is planning to launch their in-house Television sets! Keeping aside all the rumors and self-proclaimed perceptions, a latest research presented by Wall Street Journal has nullified the news about Apple’s planning to build or sell TV sets.

Brace yourself and get ready to accept the news- a development that you must be waiting for long! The fact that ‘Apple is NOT prepared to sell or build television’ is true to a larger extent. As per Wall Street Journal’s latest research, the tech giant has closed all the plans of presenting the TV innovation (that was in the league of their plans for quite a while now).

It is notable that almost a year ago, Apple proposed a plan of making high-end TV sets that were unique with sci-fi features. The effort was intended as a take against Samsung, Apple’s leading rival and TV market leader in the recent times.

According to Investor Carl Icahn, Apple was expected to release the in-house ultra-high definition television technology by the end of 2016. Apple almost took a decade for conceptualizing the technology behind their TV innovation, but the plan couldn’t reach to a practical figure. Now, Apple is not planning to release the TV sets in 2016 (or maybe for more than a year).

What is the reason for the delay?

Apple will settle for nothing but ‘Innovation’- a TV set with breakthrough features that can justify the true essence of Apple as a brand! As per the plans, Apple has not restricted the interface of TV systems with just ultra-high definition display. The idea of sensor equipped cameras, where users could also make a video call with the aid of TV set, is the main frame behind designing this technology.  Apple is no foolish to enter the market with anything less compelling and attractive! If the idea is to dominate the television market (and to challenge leading brands like Samsung Electronics), then there has to be an exceptional degree of refined feature in Apple’s TV series.

So what is Apple’s next big plan?

On Monday, Mr. Icahn wrote an open letter to Tim Cook, The CEO for Apple.Inc! The letter suggested Apple’s interest in two upcoming markets- firstly, for building high definition TV sets and secondly, for compiling an electric car by the year 2020. With Apple, the call for rumors is more just than anything- it was believed that Apple will release the range of 55-inch and 65-inch ultra-high definition systems by 2016, that would generate a revenue worth $15 billion by the end of financial year 2016. The sales were estimated to be around 10 million units.


Apple’s Ultra-high definition TV: The Ground Reality

A stack on Apple’s current shares Apple’s shares are worth $240 each, and about 84% of Apple’s share are above the rate $130.19 price.

The data is as per NASDAQ Stock Market on Monday.

When it started:


In the year 2007, Apple presented a TV set-Top-Box that would stream videos to TVs.
Who initiated the idea of Apple TV sets. It was Steve Jobs who cherished the concept of having ‘integrated TV sets that are easy to use’.

But after his death in 2011, Apple took the grant vision forward.

In May 2013, Apple declared the dream project for the television, under the leadership of Mr. Cook
So, what is the latest plan for Apple 1. The idea for creating a proactive online TV service.

2. Redesigning the entire concept for Apple TV sets.

3. Presenting the latest innovation in the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) next month. Insight:

If rumors are to believe, then Apple has asked the in-house team of developers and programmers to create a couple of program/channels-these channels will be delivered through the device with the interface of Internet. The launch of the service is estimated for June this year (if everything falls in place). It is notable that the exclusive digital launch partner for HBO Now was Apple TV- a service for Time Warner Inc. that was launched last month.

So much is happening for Apple at a same point of time, not just with the planning for Television but also related to Apple TV box. It is expected that Apple will soon release a slimmer version of Apple TV box since they are already working on redesigning the remote control and software of the same. It is important for Apple to update the set-top-box that hasn’t been refurbished after 2012.

Well, despite of the fact that there is so much news about the delay of Apple’s Ultra-high Definition Television, we cannot say that the news is completely ‘Killed’. Sooner or later, Apple will definitely plan to release the innovation that they have been planning for a while.  The good is that a small team is still working on the TV sets, and there is no news about the project being put on ice.

Do you know that Apple is planning to create TV screens that provide at least four times better resolution than the high definition displays? The display will be having about 4000 horizontal pixels in an image- don’t you think Apple TVs are worth a wait?

Apple is up with the idea of bringing video-calling feature in the Television experience (also known as FaceTime for the Television)- it will sense the user who is talking in front of the face of the camera. But the idea, on its own, is not compelling enough! It cannot be the USP for selling a TV that comes under the brand name of Apple.

WWDC is around the corner, and we have a lot of expectations from Apple! Apple’s TV is certainly a big deal- it marks the onset of a new business development for Apple. We don’t expect anything sudden or unplanned from the end of Apple. We guess, all the Apple lovers, watchers and fans would have to wait for the release of Apple’s estimated innovation. Till the time, we will keep our eyes and ears open, there is a lot cooking about Apple these days!