Funniest Mothers Day Video – Guys Try Labor Pain Simulation & Cry...

Funniest Mothers Day Video – Guys Try Labor Pain Simulation & Cry Like Babies



Today is Mother’s day and a special time to Thank our mothers for all they have done for all us and that they continue to do still. The first thing they ever did was give birth to all of us and bring us into the world.

And according to women, childbirth is the most excruciating pain there is in the world. So a few guys who call themselves the Try Guys try to test their claim and see if its true. The Try Guys do funny videos and post it on their facebook page have now come out with a hilarious new video on labor pain that will have you rolling on the floor.

In this new video, they try to endure the miracle of life and put themselves through a labor pain simulator to see how painful it really feels and what all a woman has to go through during labor.

And within moments, they realize that it hurts like a bitch and find themselves screaming in pain hysterically. You have got to watch this, it will make you laugh like hell but also realize the importance of your mother who goes through so much during childbirth just to get you in the world.

And if you think this was not real, a few years back there were another set of guys who also tested this theory and reject the claim that childbirth was the most painful thing ever and that its nothing that men cannot handle.

While they laughed in the beginning before the labor pain simulation tests, watch how their faces change in pain that will make you die with laughter. hahhaa

Perhaps these two funny experiment videos will serve as a great reminder of how amazing our mothers are.

Call your moms today and tell her all the “I love you’s” you can because they will never be enough after you watch this. Happy Mothers Day To All The Moms in The World!  We appreciate and love you!