Google Acquires Mobile App Timeful To Improve Time Management.

Google Acquires Mobile App Timeful To Improve Time Management.


Google has acquired Timeful, a promising young time management startup that is designed to make your calendar scheduling easier by helping you focus on your big goals. It was just last year in July, when this iOS app was launched and in just a short time has caught Google’s eyes to be acquired to better time management for all.

But then again, who else than Google can beautifully estimate the actual worth of  correct timing, scheduling, and planning in our lives. Proving the fact successfully in its favor, Google is up with another acquisition under its belt for 2015 and with this announcement, Google and Timeful have come hand in hand for creating the fantastic tale of scheduling and time management with ease and with time it’s only going to get better.

When Timeful launched last year, it was beautifully designed, had artificial intelligence and worked great but faced a simple yet a daunting issue; convincing others to get rid of other scheduling apps and use theirs as the preferred time management app.

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Starting now, that issue is going away with Google now in control. The current plans are that the app will stay available for everyone, yet the main focus for the team will be to devote efforts in implementing these Timeful features in Google’s own other existing productivity apps and services.

The cheerful announcement that came through the official word of Timeful declared the new development of acquisition between the budding startup and the search engine giant. Joining hand with the Google family on May 4th, 2015, Timeful is all excited with the latest development in their business lives.

Google Acquires Startup Timeful to Help With Smoother Scheduling

What you need to know about Timeout!

It is notable that Timeful is a startup product that earned recognition by creating a user friendly application, meant for scheduling the daily routine of the user.

Timeful app strives for a comfortable and an intuitive user experience by prioritizing and detailing each and every activity of the user. The app follows a simple process, analyzes your schedule and creates a plan for your work processing on the basis of specific goals defined by you.

Way back in July 2014, Timeful came into the news after it was collectively launched and funded by KPCB, Khosla Ventures, Data Collective, and Ashton Kutcher’s A-Graded Ventures.

Prioritizing work, time and action related needs, Timeful is compatible with all major working platforms like iCal, Microsoft Exchange, and Google Calendar.

The amazing app comes with a smart detection feature analyzes your schedule estimates your need on the basis of work and importance of the task and in turn help you achieve specific goals that you are working on.

How Can Timeful Help You?

Timeful brings the relieve of combining your schedule and task management in a convenient manner. Have you ever analyzed the Gmail inbox and the way it schedules emails?

Well, the process with Timeful is somehow similar. We guess Google understood the instant connection of comfort and scheduling between Timeful and Google- otherwise, nothing could have initiated this acquisition so quickly!

With the advanced features of Timeful, Google is certainly planning to take a big jump in the communication and time management related user aspects.                           Timeful’s Calendar App                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  What Google Has To Say About The Acquisition?

Alex Gawley, the director for Product Management in Google/Gmail, declared the acquisition deal ‘impressive’ and ‘promising’, raising high expectations from the startup wonder.

According to him, Timeful is what people need for an organized self- by preparing the list of activities to be done in the coming future, Timeful understands the role of responsibility, scheduling and prioritizing in life.

Alex expressed the excitement of having Timeful in the family, and also for using it with the in-house products like Inbox and Calender. The idea of focusing on creativity and enjoying time in a fun filled manner is the motive behind this acquisition. Insight:

So we all want to live a comfortable life, right? What if we have a system that manages (or rather takes care of) our scheduling needs? Happily, Google understood the need of having such a system and, as a result, it came out with the acquisition deal.

By accepting a flourishing startup that will help everyone around in managing Inbox and Calendar, Google has indeed taken a comfortable step for users.

Google has always appreciated the delight of sharing ‘small’ and ‘free’ tools. From Google search, Docs to the new Inbox app, we know how Google keeps the comfort of its audience in the front foot.

With the help of these tools, a user could not just complete predefined tasks but can also manage things in an automated way.

The Tale of ‘Smartness’:

The label of ‘smart’ conscious and conscience is well suited to Google! By acquiring a promising startup app, Google has yet again proved the point of its brilliance and customer-oriented mindset.

The decision is smart because the giant is not preparing the project from the scratch- instead, they are smart enough to acquire a flourishing platform.

Don’t you think Google is playing at ease with some fine degree of comfort? Is it the best strategy available in order to grow your business as fast as one can?

The Tale of ‘Simplicity’:

The blog post shared by Google clearly indicates their love and respect for simplicity! Though there is no information or facts officially discussed about the acquisition, Google has kept one thing quite clear and confident.

If Timeful is impressive as an app, then Google also knows how to make a platform prominent and widespread. Google has beautifully expressed the desire of sharing the experience of a comfortable life through the blog post. ‘

Tell Timeful that you wish to exercise thrice a week, and the system will make it sure to set reminds for your priority needs’- this is the way it goes with this little delight.

Google is in fact planning to share this technology in several other ways- well, the details are missing yet we can hope for the best in coming times.

Final Thoughts (For Now)

It seems like this is the year for acquisitions for the big search engine giants trying to stamp their authority. With Yahoo recently acquiring Foursquare for over US$ 900 million and now Google on the move, all we can predict is that there are more to come in near times.

The best part about the entire deal in between Google and Timeful is the fact that the search engine giant has announced the use of Timeful-based features in most of the products.

The idea of customizing user experience as per their needs is the sole motive behind this initiation. wishes Google and Timeful a blissful business association in future, we hope the deal influences our routine experience in the most amazing manner!

What do you guy think about this acquisition? Have you used Timeful app before? Is it the best scheduling app out there? Share your comments with us. If you liked this article, share it with others.