Mayweather Defeats Pacquiao And Remains Undefeated. Pacquiao Says: “I Thought I Won...

Mayweather Defeats Pacquiao And Remains Undefeated. Pacquiao Says: “I Thought I Won The Fight”


Floyd Mayweather versus Manny Pacquiao was called the “Fight of the Century” and was hyped up for months and had been built up for years. These are the two guys that boxing fans and sports fans around the world wanted to see matched up and go for it in the ring like two great champions.

Big money was everywhere, it is estimated that $400-$500 million is expected to come from just the pay-per-view on Showtime and HBO airings that priced it nearly $100, earning them the record high numbers that have ever been experienced. Those that went to watch it live at the MGM Grand in Vegas paid a last minute sticker price of $35,000 at StubHub.

Mayweather, who is popularly known for his superior defense in the ring was to pocket 60% of the earnings and Pacquaio the remaining 40% and this split of the purse was agreed upon by both boxers.

We’ve never seen anything like these sums of money. Nobody has seen anything like this. said boxing promoter Bob Arum.

As much as everyone wanted to see the fight, there was another set of entertainment happening by ring side, celebrity sightings! Think of any big name from the sports and entertainment industry, including Michael Jordan, Jay Z and Beyonce, Denzel Washington, Mike Tyson, Mark Wahlberg etc, and they were there present to watch what everyone thinks is the final “super fight” of the century.

The Result

Mayweather walked away with a seemingly thorough victory over Pacquiao. Unsurprisingly, some people weren’t thrilled with the end product of Mayweather’s win—another clinic in defensive tactics and precision.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeated Manny Pacquiao in an all round unanimous decision by judges to remain undefeated on Saturday night. Mayweather looked ready, he was thorough in his approach and used his signature defense and fast feet to neutralize Pacquiao’s normal aggresive yet unorthodox style by moving around the ring and never giving his opponent a chance to push his punches or get his jabs right.


Mayweather Jr. gets decision win over Pacquiao

Floyd Mayweather Jr. just out performed Manny Pacquiao and won according to judges unanimous decision in front of a sellout crowd at the MGM Grand arena in Las Vegas and millions watching it on pay per view. The judges gave the bout to Mayweather outright by a wide margin, with three scores of 118-110, 116-112, and 116-112 in his favor.

However, Pacquiao saw it very differently, he thinks the three judges got the winner totally wrong and it should have been him who should have won that fight and not Mayweather.

I thought I won the fight. He didn’t do nothing except move outside,” Pacquiao said. “I got him many times; I saw the punches.”

The ringside boxing stats told a very different story for Pacquiao.  Those numbers had him landing 19 percent of his punches. Meanwhile, Mayweather, who threw six more total punches, connected on about 34 percent of his attempts. That was largely because Pacquiao didn’t throw his right hand often.

boxingstatsBoxing legend Evander Holyfield felt like the match wasn’t what it should have been.

He told ESPN after the fight,”Of course, it takes two people to fight. You got one guy moving. You got one guy trying to catch him.”

While Pacquiao got frustrated by Mayweather’s style of defense, the truth is that is what has made Mayweather so successful and a pound for pound champion in the sport. He’s strategically ready with his solid defense with many small jabs and percentage punches to keep winning points and raking up the score.

Facing the powerful hitter and an eight-division world champion Pacquiao, this type of defense proved to frustrate his opponent and became the perfect strategy to outperform him. Even when Pacquiao got an opportunity to move in and strike punches, Mayweather just covered himself up to avoid any damage and literally taunted Pacquiao :

Mayweather, who came into the fight as the clear favorite proved everyone betting on him right, with this win he has improved to 48-0 in his career as Pacquiao fell to 57-6.  Pacquiao resisted complimenting Mayweather in the post match interview, suggesting Mayweather didn’t have the edge in either size or power.

With only one more fight left for Mayweather in September before he retires, the big question is will he try to go for 50 wins and do one more fight next year in 2016. The crazy question is will it be the rematch of this biggest fight and an ultimate attempt in closing out what many believe is still unfinished business. What do you think?