Samsung S6 Features and Design Review (Video)

Samsung S6 Features and Design Review (Video)


Samsung’s latest heartthrob ‘Galaxy S6’ and ‘S6 Edge’ is finally becoming a dream come true as it soon hits the market! Attractive, stylish and impressive for sure, these brand new designs aim to create an everlasting impact on the minds of users. Galaxy S6 will be available from April 10.

Samsung S6 is Thing of Beauty

How Galaxy S6 is the device of your dreams?

Samsung took a two years long break before presenting Galaxy S6 to the world, and the wait is absolutely worth a watch in the form of Galaxy S6’s beautiful designs and features.

Stirring the soul of the mobile market, Galaxy S6 is here with an awesome design, innovative hardware structure, and impressive software. Galaxy S6 will be available in glass and metal designs, and is said to be quite promising in the terms of excellent battery performance.

Samsung’s Design Drawings for S6

 The inbuilt camera comes with superior low light compatibility for enhancing the appeal of photography. Galaxy S6 provides a smarter edge to Samsung’s TouchWiz interface (that was used in the previous versions). Excellent processor and power pack screen- Galaxy S6 guarantees the best deal for you!

Facts you cannot afford to miss about Galaxy S6!

 Release Date (UK and US): April 10, 2015
Pricing UK: UK- 599 GBP for 32 GB version, 659 GBP for the 64 GB version and 739 for the 128 version.
Pricing US: 669 USD for 32 GB, 849 USD for 64 GB and 1049 USD for 128 GB (estimated price).
Glass Material Gorilla Glass 4
Screen 5.1 inch screen with QHD resolution of 2,560 * 1,440 pixels and 557 pixels per inch.
Processor Compatibility Android 5.0.2 Lollipop
What’s New Flawless Fingerprint Sensor and wireless charging.
Weight 137 g
Battery Size 2550 mAh
Display Technology used AMOLED
S6 Camera 16 MP back and 5 MP front in HDR mode.
Power Button Relocated to a comfortable spot
TouchWiz Interface Revised (reaction time is three times less than previous devices)
Camera Performance Excellent
Charging and Processor Superfast Performance
Connectivity HSPA, LTE, NFC, BLUETOOTH 4.1
Internal Storage 32, 64 and 128 GB with no removable storage.


How is Galaxy S6’s Design Any Different from Galaxy S5?

Design Aspect: As far as designed is concerned, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Galaxy S6 and S5 have similarities of lookalikes. You can see the sensor array right at the top beside the logo in both the devices. The curves, home button, side buttons, and the touchpad functionality- this is where you can identify some sense of similarity in Galaxy S6 and S5.

Though it seems similar, yet there are plenty of notable changes that one can witness in the design features. Galaxy S6 comes with metal chassis and aluminum edge in the body frame. One can easily identify the distinctiveness in the edge and the back!

Galaxy S6 stands tall from the rest of Samsung S series by offering the choice of materials and presenting Gorilla Glass 4 as the big back sheet. Gorilla Glass 4, comparative to Glass 3, is twice stronger and durable- the glass appearance is excellent for the rear-end look.
Samsung Galaxy Concept
The notable difference in the price range can be well justified with prominent factors like weight, metallic body and use of quality glass in the structure.

The camera lens in the back comes adjacent to the LED flash and sensor feature (heart monitoring). The physical home button also serves the purpose of touch fingerprint scanner-same as the functionality in most of the Apple devices. The rest of the things as in USB charging port, mono speaker, pinhole mic, and headphone port is in the bottom array.

What about Samsung S6’s Display? Did That Get Any Better?

Display Aspect: With a super 5.1 inch AMOLED screen and a whopping resolution of 2,560 *1,440 pixels and 577 pixels per inch, Galaxy S6 is an excellent delight to watch! Galaxy S6 beautifully takes the pixels ride to 79 steps ahead from the previous S series devices. As far as the display features are concerned, Samsung never fails to surprise. In case of Galaxy S6, the history has repeated itself in the terms of high resolution, contrast, brightness, superior colors, and multimedia experience. Some previous issues like super-saturation and depth in colors have been improved with Galaxy S6.

Any Cool New Features On Galaxy S6 That Didn’t Exist Before?

You know Samsung wouldn’t have it any other way. Absolutely there are some really cool new features added in this slick new Galaxy S6. This beauty comes with refined touch-based fingerprint functionality and wireless charging facility. With the revision of Galaxy S5 fingerprint reader, Galaxy S6 is here with the update technology that overtakes the swipe gesture of previous devices. Wireless charging is yet another innovation served by Galaxy S6 that comes in an in-built form and works only with QI standard charger. The interface with TouchWiz is more intuitive and subtle than the previous versions.

Following Google’s path, Galaxy S6 has also devoted quality time and resources to the animation and color aspect of TouchWiz- comes with more brightness and vivid colors for showcasing constructive improvement. Galaxy S6 has removed some unwanted applications and bloatware for improving the face of TouchWiz. Now, the user will face no issues for uninstalling manufacturer’s apps and, for that matter, most of the feature can be disabled and uninstalled for a customized experience.

Forget Everything Else, Let’s Talk About Performance For Galaxy S6 

Eventually for every gadget lover, it’s about the performance. So, let’s dive in more: Samsung S6, being the first mobile processor that is built on the 14nm process, it comes with Exynos 7420, with 64-bit support and 8 cores and brand new LPDDR4 memory system.

Exynos 7420 comes with 8 cores- four of them are working at 2.1 GHz and the rest four at 1.5 GHz. Since there is no option for external storage, Universal flash storage (UFS 2.0) can be opted for memory base. Use this storage option for the better performance of the memory and high bandwidth entertainment.

The entire effort with TouchWiz is for making the user experience more comfortable, smooth and swift- so that the transactions from one screen to another, scrolling up and down, using applications and downloading new apps is faster than before.

Did They Do More With The Camera? Is The Photo Shooting Experience Any Better?

Camera: With 16 MP Camera on the back and 5MP on the front, Galaxy S6 have HDR mode for both the cameras. The wide f1.9 angle lenses will help the user for capturing low light shots in the best possible way. Galaxy S6 comes with optical image stabilization module for making the shooting experience more professional and quality centric.

Is This The Best Thing Ever? Here’s Why Galaxy S6 is good but not perfect?

Camera Sensory Design Not appealing
MicroSD card No second option
Speakers Mounted at the Bottom
Audio Experience Not satisfactory because of the placement of speakers. Still better than S5!
Waterproof NA

Bottom Line For Galaxy S6 

Well, there is no denying the fact- Galaxy S6 is certainly impressive in the way it takes Samsung’s S series legacy forward in a significant manner! For the information we have at the moment, it seems like a designer’s dream and geek’s heaven. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that there are no surprises till the time it hits the market and continues to create another leading history for Samsung’s S series, the way we have expected from all their series.

Are you excited about Samsung S6? Do you think this is the iPhone 6 killer? Share your comments below.

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