Apple Watch: Latest Information on Release Date, Price and Features (And Two...

Apple Watch: Latest Information on Release Date, Price and Features (And Two Things to Watch Out For)


Apple products, the reality is, we all love them, well almost all. Regardless of your opinion about them, there is no question that Apple fans are by far the most crazy, loyal, passionate promoters for their products in the technology industry.

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And, while Apple may be considered one of the best American products, these “one a day” recommended fruit products have been consumed around the world. They have inspired us, moved us and and gifted us with providing knowledge, creating better communication with our friends and loved ones and made us look uber cool.

In this ever-moving connected world, Apple has become pioneers of break-through technology and innovation and consumed major parts of our daily lives, at work, at home and at play. This steadfast connectivity stimulates us in wanting more and more of them and all of us, from young to old to wise, crave their next product launch because of their fun to play and very user-friendly settings in every innovation.

Their latest product launch is no different, it’s simply called the Apple Watch. While I am simply terming it as simple, there’s a lot in it to wow many of you.

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What is this Apple Watch?

Apple Watch is being defined as personal, an incredible precise timepiece, opportunity for new ways to stay in touch with the world and a smarter way to track and look at fitness.

There’s a lot of reviews coming out for the Apple Watch, not all of them make sense and have assumptions, but CNET has a good one, if you are looking for more hands on first impression.

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But what is this fuss all about, is this really a big deal. Well, it could be, depending on how you look.

It has been over 5 years since Apple actually launched an all new product. Granted, they come out with new Apple iPhone “upgraded versions”, but that’s not a new product. iPad was the last one and now Apple Watch is the new baby in Apple products household. However, contrary to the need and demands for iPad from consumers, the Apple Watch may not be more of a need, as bold as the concept really is.

Does it do much, other than tell time?

The Apple Watch is not just another mobile device, it is a smartwatch, while the technology gurus and the gadget world has seen plenty of this and that this is nothing new for them, it really is a new product category for Apple.

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Samsung, Google and others have beaten Apple on this but Apple is simply announcing its intention of getting in the wearable technology market and leading itself to the top of it. This, Apple Watch is a completely new software platform that has been built to run its own apps, connect with iPhones and honestly be back in the cool with its young fans as its own fashion product.


Here’s the basic rundown of how smartwatches work: they stay connected with your phone constantly to get all sorts of data and information that provides you with upto date happening around your world, including getting emails, text messages and even phone calls since it as a built in speaker and microphone in it.

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Through its connection settings to wireless Bluetooth headphone, you can listen to all your music that you have stored on your iPod, allow you to make payments through its new Apple Pay feature, connect you to remote smart phone appliances and when you are in the mood for running or working out, it will give you heart rate measurements with its fitness tracker app.

This sounds cool, when is it launching

The Apple Watch is actually launching on April 24th 2015, in nine countries, and while the countdown is on for the enthusiasts, it will actually be available for pre-order on April 10th. The nine countries that it will launch in first are: US, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Germany, China, Hong Kong and Japan and when it launches, you can actually try it on in the Apple stores that day as well.

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Seriously, how much will it really cost me?

The Apple Watch will start its pricing at US$349 (AU$499, £299), but then steeply climb up to US$17,000 (AU$24,000, £13,500). Yep, that’s right 17 grand! So yes, the answer to “how much will it really cost me” is, more than what we thought we would and wanted to.

Why so much you ask? It’s very simple, it all depends on what type of material and band you want. There’s synthetic rubber model, stainless steel one and the gorgeous 18K Gold band too.


Tell me more about these 3 (three) versions.

Sure, let me explain in detail, while there are different versions of the watch, there really isn’t anything different in the way it is designed (curvy) and how it is displayed (rectangular).

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There’s a difference in how it looks in terms of the band and depending on if you like bigger body styles or the ones that snug nice on your wrist, there are two specific body sizes of 38mm and 42mm, other than that, there’s practically nothing different in how it works.


So if aesthetics isn’t your deal, the technology is solid and the inside mechanics of the watch are all the same; with features, connectivity and storage all being pretty identical in all three versions.

1.) Apple Watch Sport (Synthetic Rubber) – has a silver and space grey color options in its aluminum-alloy body that comes with a fluoroelastomer (synthetic rubber) band. Only this ‘sports’ edition prices at the lowest level of US$349 and that too for the 38mm, as the price for 42mm raises upto US$399, that is £299 and £339 in the UK and AU$499 and AU$579 for the Aussies.


2.) Apple Watch (Stainless Steel) – is simply being called the “watch” and has the shiny stainless steel band with a ceramic and sapphire crystal back. It can be easily referred to as the ‘middle tier’ model that has beautiful colors in natural steel and space-black steel (gorgeous). In US, they will price you this at US$549 (38mm) or US$599 (42mm). However, it will all depend on what configurations you want and the more bells and whistles the more it will cost you. If you go overboard, you could pay anywhere from US$549 to US$1100. In Australia, this starts costing from AU$799 and goes up to AU$1,629, while the UK will price it anywhere from £479 and run you up to £949.

3.) Apple Watch (The Edition) –Wow, this thing is a beauty and God knows we want one. This is the big daddy 18-karat gold edition of the watch and comes in yellow gold or rose gold colors. As you’d imagine, this will be in a very limited supply at the Apple stores everywhere, compared to other two models. Simply, because this will cost you a humongous $10 plus grand.


The price pretty much confirms what the rumors said before the announcement, it starts from US$10,000 to US$17,000, depending on the configuration and customizations you do. That’s AU$14,000 to AU$24,000 for Australians and for UK folks, this prices from £8,000 up to £13,500.

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Ok, this sounds awesome, anything we should be worried about?

Yes, there are two things that haven’t been mentioned well but you should be aware of:

1.) Restrictions: You should know this is strictly an Apple lovers product. Buying this Apple Watch will do you no good unless you already have an iPhone. So yes, having an iPhone is a must and that too only these limited models – iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6 or 6 Plus.

That’s it, it works with their latest versions only unfortunately, any, earlier iPhones are excluded from compatibility. Ofcourse, this should come as no surprise but other phone platforms like Android are not compatible, for obvious reasons.

2.) Availability: if you think you pre-order you are bound to get your Apple Watch on the 24th, then be cautious and be prepared otherwise. There have been many rumors but many consistent information around it from trusted sources as well that there are significant production issues and that there will be limited supply at time of release.

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It is said, that only 30% of units produced are free of defects, and it isn’t made clear as to why these defects are occurring. Other reports downplay the issues, stating that they have already been resolved, but rather be cautious and prepared than not.

So these are two important things to aware of if you’re looking to purchase within the upcoming month.

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Bottom Line (for now)

Apple Watch is bold and exciting and while there’s a lot of hype and praise built around it, it equally has that many unanswered questions left. Can the common man pick it up and be able to work it instantly? Will it be as intuitive as the iPhone? Will there be a new opportunity for Apple Watch apps? Will the battery work better than the iPhone? Will it be the best watch ever? Will this transform lives as it is hyped up to be?

Well, the answers to all can only be, who knows? When it launches and when we get to wear one one, I bet most of these questions will go away because of its appeal. Will it be technically as sound as we hope it claims to be remains to be seen but we are wishing Apple the best and hope that its steep price will not let it be a hindrance.

A lot to be seen till it launches. Apple has guarded a lot of the details like a mystery, mostly because it promises the world. We will keep you posted on latest updates around it, but hope this provides you with more information and wait together to see what it really is.

So are you excited about the Apple Watch? Will you be buying?