Apple iPhone 6 Getting Drilled (Video)

Apple iPhone 6 Getting Drilled (Video)



What happens if you iron an iPhone 6? Can we play Fruit Ninja on a Galaxy Note 4 with a knife? Will an Apple iPhone 6 survive if we drive a tank over it? These are questions that can cross the mind of any customer out there. Lucky for us, there are some folks who answer these questions for us.

The guys over at TechRax have posted a video on their YouTube channel that shows us what will happen to an iPhone 6 if we drill its display. Once the guy starts to drill the iPhone the drill bit gets broken and it flies away, but not before a hole is made on the device’s screen. The display gets shattered and some colorful lines can also be seen on it. But after the assault, the handset is shown to be still working though not perfectly.