Young Elephant vs 14 Lions (Video)

Young Elephant vs 14 Lions (Video)



In the wilderness, you survive if you are fit. But the young elephant that you see in the image above is, of course, not as powerful as an adult elephant. So it could have been easily overpowered by 14 hungry lions in the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia. But lucky for the youngster, the attack happened near a watering hole.

At first the elephant can be seen surrounded by lions, a few of them biting him on his back and legs. Then the elephant goes into the water while fighting off the lions by swinging his trunk. But he comes out of the water and tries to run away from the cats. That plan doesn’t work and things would have gone bad for the big guy. In the end, the elephant goes back into the water and saves himself.

At 1:31 the elephant is doing a good back kick.

But, this is nature. The elephant has survived, but the lions will find some other creature to kill and eat.