7 Ways to Extend the Battery Life of Your Tablet

7 Ways to Extend the Battery Life of Your Tablet


7 Ways to Extend the Battery Life of Your Tablet

Ever wish the battery life of your tablet would run for as long as it claimed to in the product description when you first purchased it? Of course these claims are not simply marketing schemes to get you to buy the product. With a little effort on your part, you can definitely get your tablet to run for much longer between each charge session.

For instance, the Samsung NOOK includes the impressive spec of 10 hours of video streaming. As video streaming consumes much more energy than putting on the music player for 50 hours straight, there are certainly ways to help your battery life last all day.

  1. Monitor your battery life

The first step to extending your battery life should be figuring out how much you’re consuming and where. There are free applications you can download from the app store that will allow you to monitor your battery use throughout the day. By doing so, you can target the specific trade-offs you are personally willing to make to conserve energy.

  1. Don’t just turn off your data

A lot of people turn off their data connections when not in use because of two main reasons: first, limited phone data plans that they don’t want to exceed, and second, the conservation of battery life.

What you don’t know is how much energy you’ll be saving by turning off the WiFi. By keeping your WiFi settings on, your device is constantly looking for a WiFi signal and wasting away battery life. It doesn’t often occur to most people to turn it off because it’s free and accessible everywhere you go. The same simple trick goes for dimming your screen brightness.

  1. Charge it right

Don’t be impatient with your tablet when it comes to charging. If you weren’t able to use up all your battery life during the day, don’t charge it just because you want it to be at 100 percent when you next leave the house. It’s important to wait until your battery runs as low as 10 percent or under because this will help kick start your battery again for optimal performance. If you’re going to be out and about, it might be handy to pick up a portable charger so you can charge your tablet on the go and when in need.

That being said, there is also such a thing as overcharging your tablet. Once your battery life hits 100 percent, leaving it to charge any longer actually decreases your battery capacity–meaning your battery life could be permanently shortened. This is one of the reasons your first charge took much longer than expected when you first bought the tablet.

  1. Install upgrades

This one seems a little less obvious in terms of extending your tablet battery life, but certainly helps in the long run. By installing upgrades you get for your tablet, you are not only getting bug fixes but potentially battery life fixes for certain applications that you run often. This is however, not to be confused with automatic updates. Turning off automatic updates can extend your battery life like turning off WiFi can.

  1. Try using a keyboard

According to TabTimes, the tablet authorities, using a keyboard can extend your tablet battery life up to 9 hours. If you’re constantly working on the go, it’s likely easier to type on a keyboard than your tablet touchscreen. Having said that, it might also be worth noting any activity that uses your touchscreen actively also drains battery life rather quickly. For example, interactive games and constant swiping etc.

  1. Don’t let it suffer from heatstroke

Like you, your tablet, or any other electronic device for that matter, is not fond of excessive heat. Not only is it dangerous to leave your tablet in a hot environment, this can also damage the battery permanently. Some common places people tend to leave their tablets unattended are their cars which tend to get quite warm–especially in the summer. So don’t forget to keep your tablet at room temperature.

  1. Stop running and uninstall apps you don’t use

This is one of those things that sounds obvious but hardly done. A lot of the time we’re reluctant to approach anything messy. For example, the number of us that have disorganized desktops is uncanny. To extend your battery life, take several minutes between checking emails to clear out everything including the Candy Crush app you no longer play.

If you take a few easy steps, you can keep your tablet’s battery from dying before its time. You’ll be able to enjoy your device longer, whether you’re playing games or watching movies. In the end, your tablet will work more efficiently than ever before.