Apple iPhone 6 vs Steam Iron (Video)

Apple iPhone 6 vs Steam Iron (Video)



While many people around the world are skipping dinner and working overtime to save money and get one of the new Apple iPhones or iPads, the folks over at TechRax seem to have got their hands on many new iDevices and they are finding happiness in destroying all of them. Of course, it’s not just about enjoying the pleasure of doing something millions of others won’t do. They are also getting a lot of hits on YouTube. So far they have crushed two iPhone 6 Plus units by driving a tank over them, boiled an iPhone 6, managed to crack the screen of an iPad Air 2, and have also tortured many other devices including the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the OnePlus One.

This time around they are testing the iPhone 6 with a steam iron. The treatment is creating some unique effects on the device, as you can see above. Do you want to try it out? Check out the video and leave your thoughts in the comments below.