iPhone 6 Plus Bending Prank (Video)

iPhone 6 Plus Bending Prank (Video)



You probably already know about the iPhone 6 Plus’ bendgate issue (and other problems as well). If you currently own a 6 Plus you are probably taking good care of it, making sure that too much force is not applied on the device. Right? But what will you do if someone bends it right in front of your eyes? And that too by someone you just met on the street and was asking for your device to make an urgent phone call. That is what’s happening in the video below.

But it’s a prank and the guy who is the victim isn’t turning into a raging bull after being shown a bend iPhone 6 Plus. Though he is still saying things like “you can’t be f**king serious” and “do you want me to punch you in the face?”. The video is in German (subtitles are there), and it seems to be kinda fun hearing someone swearing in the language. Check out the video below.

How would you have reacted if someone bend your iPhone right in front of you?

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