NoPhone Has Raised $11,000 On Kickstarter

NoPhone Has Raised $11,000 On Kickstarter



You have probably already heard about the NoPhone. In case you haven’t, the NoPhone is a block of plastic that has the shape of some of the the smartphones out there. You can’t make a call using the NoPhone, it’s not coming with a processor, there’s no Wi-Fi, and it doesn’t come with a rear camera. In fact, it has no features of a smartphone. Why? Because it is meant to be a “technology-free alternative to constant hand-to-phone contact that allows you to stay connected with the real world”.

If you are holding a NoPhone, you won’t have the insecurity that you feel when there’s no phone in your hands. But you won’t be using the plastic block, so your brain will turn it’s focus on the real world. Quite a brilliant idea to reconnect with your surroundings, right?

The NoPhone is a Kickstarter project that will end in 36 hours. But the NoPhone team has already managed to raise $11,096 (their goal was $5,000). Click here if you are interested to know more about NoPhone.

Spec comparison: iPhone 6 vs NoPhone