Apple iPhone 6 Plus Has Yet Another Problem

Apple iPhone 6 Plus Has Yet Another Problem



You might have heard about the Bendgate issue with Apple’s 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. Well, it seems that is not the only problem with the device.

According to many users, who have been placing complaints on Apple Support Communities, the iPhone 6 Plus is experiencing crashes. While the phones of some users reportedly keep on rebooting. They had to pay a visit to the Apple Store to get their iPhone fixed. And it appears like most of these users are using the 128GB iPhone 6 Plus. These users have also installed over 700 apps on their handsets.

We have added some of the complaints below.

Eddieleu said:

My 6plus is now consistently crashing showing “red screen.” I would often times get “blue screen,” but now it’s mostly just red screens. My phone keep rebooting and then reaches the red screen, and reboots again.

Msbonita1 said:

I too have a similar issue with my 6 plus.  Apps are constantly crashing.  I’ll be using them and then it just returns to the home screen.  Not sure if I should wait for an IOS update (I figured there are always bugs to work out) but I asked my friend who has an iPhone 5 if he’s been having issues with IOS 8 and he said no. So I’m wondering if it’s limited to my phone model or just my phone.

Some users have got their devices replaced while others are in the waiting list. We will let you know if Apple comments about the issue, so stay tuned for updates.

Are you experiencing any problems with your iPhone 6 Plus?