HTC Re Camera Announced (Video)

HTC Re Camera Announced (Video)



If you are a shutterbug, you probably will be interested in the newly unveiled HTC Desire Eye. And most probably you will also like to get your hands on HTC’s new standalone digital camera, the Re Camera.

The Re Camera can be paired with an Android or iOS smartphone and can be used to capture quick photos and videos (1080p HD video @30fps or slow motion 720p video @120fps). Available in orange, blue, teal, and white, the device comes equipped with a 16MP sensor, an ultra-wide angle (146-degree) fixed-focus lens, two buttons, and LED indicator lights, but no viewfinder or display. Pairing the device to a smartphone will allow you to transfer everything you have shot over Wi-Fi or make the handset a remote viewfinder.

The HTC Re Camera should remind you about the GoPro, but the company is saying that it shouldn’t be used during extreme sports. It comes with a price tag of $199.99 and will be available in the US later this month.

Click here and check out the video below to know more about the HTC Re Camera.

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