Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Bend Test (Video)

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Bend Test (Video)



You might have heard about the bending problem with the Apple iPhone 6 Plus. Samsung also knows about it. And the South Korean company appears to be wasting no time to show off that their own big device, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, is non-bendable.

The video below shows the Galaxy Note 4 being put to the Three-Point Bend Test first. In this test, the Note 4 is kept on bars on its ends and then pressure is applied on the middle of the handset. Then in the Human Weight Test, a robot-butt will sit on the Note 4 several times. It gives the effect of a 100kg man sitting on the device. Will the Note 4 bend or not, you wonder? It does bend, but springs back to its original shape.

According to Samsung, the device is strong because of its metal frame, magnesium bracket and “mutually reinforcing structure between parts”. Check out the video and leave your thoughts in the comments below.