Bond With Your Kids Thanks to Your Tablet

Bond With Your Kids Thanks to Your Tablet



Developing a strong bond with your kids is vital to your relationship with them and to their growth as people. Kids who have a close bond with their parent or caretaker are much more likely to be secure and confident as adults. Finding ways to strengthen that bond while helping expand their minds is even better. With the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook, you can broaden your child’s horizons, boost their academic abilities, and deepen your bond with them in new and creative ways. Shared activities and games improve logic and reasoning while reading builds vocabulary and confidence. Music boosts moods and helps add an element of fun to any task, while looking through photos can reinforce memories and help relive happy moments. Here are several ways to build the bond with your child, at any place and any time.

Play More Games Together

Playing games with your child is a great way to build your relationship and create a stronger bond. Play is essential for learning, and has many other benefits as well, including better academic performance and better ability to share and cooperate. Sometimes finding time to play can be difficult in a busy life, but that doesn’t take away the value. Having a tool like a tablet at your disposal to interact with your child is a great way to play while on the road or waiting somewhere. The key is to find a way to play with your child, holding them on your lap or beside you while you work through the game together. This will build the bond between you and allow you to guide your child through challenges without them growing too frustrated. With so many kid-friendly apps and games, there is no shortage of activities to do together, and your child will love getting to have access to your tablet during playtime together.

Story Time is Leaning Time

Reading together is a special experience for you and your child. It’s a time to sit and share in an experience that also has a lot of positive impacts, all while gaining cognitive skills like pattern recognition and outcome prediction. Children who read with their parents at a young age are much more likely to read for fun when they are older, which can not only lead to better scores on language and spelling but in math and other areas. Reading boosts confidence and creativity and exposes children to new ideas they might not otherwise encounter.

By reading together, you demonstrate that books are a priority and that they are fun. This also gives you an opportunity to help your child begin reading words on their own, as they can ask for help on anything difficult. Having a tablet with a large selection of age-appropriate books and magazines increases the likelihood of finding something that sparks a child’s interests and motivates them to read more. Children who have choice in what they read are more enthusiastic about books and are more likely to retain the information they learn. Having a tablet that can go anywhere you go along with your child’s favorite books gives that many more chances to instill a lifelong love of reading.

Music Makes Everything Fun

Chores can be stressful for children who don’t want to stop what they are doing or who don’t think that putting toys away or brushing their teeth is fun. One way to make necessary activities into fun events is to use a tablet like a NOOK to add music. Turning a cleaning session into a dance party changes the whole tone of the day and provides a fun way for you to spend time together. Sharing a love of music and enthusiasm can spark excitement in your child and strengthen your bond even further. Music has a lot of great benefits for kids, too. Children who are regularly exposed to music do better academically, get along better with their peers, and develop stronger reasoning skills. The portability of a tablet means that a musical extravaganza is always an option.

Pictures and Memories Bring You Together

Building memories with your child while you help develop their cognitive skills is another great way to strengthen your bond. Tablets provide a way to take your photographs anywhere, organized into albums or videos with music so that you can always go back to a specific place and relive an adventure virtually with your child. Showing children photos of themselves as they grow is a great way for them to begin understanding time. Looking at pictures of things they did and practicing memory games can help build cognitive development. Having an easy way to add new photos as well will help your child participate in the memory making, and encourage them to explore and try new things to add to your albums. With your tablet, your adventures are all available in one place for you and your child to share together.