5 Reasons Why Video Conferencing Is a Great Solution for Your Business

5 Reasons Why Video Conferencing Is a Great Solution for Your Business


The world of business is growing ever more competitive. The way that we do business is changing as well, in a large part because of technological advances that are transforming all our lives. We communicate quicker, share information with people on the other side of the world, and do our shopping without leaving the comfort of our own home. Businesses that don’t keep up with these changes can quickly get left behind. One of the ways you can ensure your business remains at the cutting edge is by using the Blue Jeans Network for your video conferencing needs. Here are five reasons why video conferencing is a great solution for your business.

Save Money on Business Meetings

Keeping in touch with your clients, or potential clients, is essential for any business. In the past this meant that you had to go to them, or they had to come to you. The cost of travel is going up and up, but by holding a video conference over the Blue Jeans Network you can hold a high quality meeting from the comfort of your own offices. Business is becoming ever more global, but with our help you can forget about having to fly out to meet your new suppliers in Beijing, and let the video conferencing technology take you there in an instant.

By using the Blue Jeans Network you can also enjoy a significant saving over using traditional video-conferencing systems. That’s because our system is cloud-based, meaning that you won’t have to pay for hardware or software, or incur annual maintenance costs.

Offer Your Employees Greater Flexibility

The way that we live our lives has changed. The old 9 to 5 system of working is no longer compatible with many people’s lifestyle. When your employees are happy, they’ll work longer hours, and be more productive. An increasing number of workers are looking to work from home, for some of the week or all of the week. Video conferencing can help you facilitate this. Your workers can carry out their duties at home, allowing them to keep an eye on their children or cut down on their travel expenses, and yet keep in touch with you via the Blue Jeans Network.

Because the Blue Jeans Network offers fantastic interoperability, it can be used on almost any device running any video-enabling system. The net result is a happy and more productive member of staff.

Meet Face To Face, Virtually

Studies show that non verbal communication makes up over 90% of our daily communication. If you limit your communication to a telephone call, are you really getting the full message? Video conferencing through the Blue Jeans Network allows you to see as well as hear the other people involved in the meeting. This allows you to see the full picture, and have a much better understanding of what was said.

By using video conferencing, you can also build a better and more trusting relationship with your clients. People like to see who they’re doing business with, and they’re more likely to choose you for repeat business if they can put a face to the name. After all, a smiling face can be worth a dozen emails.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

You’ll know all about the benefits of reducing your carbon footprint. The effects of climate change can be seen across the United States, and are being particularly felt by people living in the developing world. Travel, particularly air travel, is one of the major causes of greenhouse gases that are thought to be the leading cause of man-made climate change. By holding a virtual meeting using the Blue Jeans Network, you can help to protect the environment and reduce your carbon footprint. The public is looking for businesses with strong green credentials, so it makes sense to be as eco-friendly as you can.

Save Time and Remain Competitive

Time is money in your line of business, can you really afford to waste it while you travel down our highways or through the air? That’s not the only way that video conferencing can save you valuable time. If you have a great idea to share with your staff or a client, how do you let them know? Maybe you send them an email, and wait for them to read it, and then wait some more for them to reply. Or you can telephone them, and hope that they’re not too distracted by whatever else is going on in and around their office.

Because the Blue Jeans Network is simple to use, cloud-based, and compatible with almost any device, you can start a video conference with your worker or client at a moment’s notice. It’s a great way to get their full attention, and disseminate information quickly and effectively.

It’s a fast paced world we live in, but by using the Blue Jeans Network you can share ideas and information quicker than ever before, and with more people than ever before. Take advantage of the cutting edge of video conferencing, and give your business a real advantage over its competitors. Conferencing, and give your business a real advantage over its competitors.