SmartyPans Is A Smart Cooking Pan (Video)

SmartyPans Is A Smart Cooking Pan (Video)



Overcooked your chicken? Too much salt in that curry? Added a bit too much of onions? If you answered all the questions with a yes, then it’s time to accept the fact that you are not as good as your mom in the kitchen. But help is here, finally! The inexperienced cook in you will be guided by the new SmartyPans, the smart cooking pan.

The chip inside SmartyPans allows it to connect with a smartphone app using Bluetooth. And there are sensors inside the pan that will let it monitor temperature, humidity, and even the weight of ingredients, and the data it collects will be sent to the app. The app will use the data to provide the cook with instructions and will allow him or her to make proper food.


You will be able to choose from two modes: Recipe Mode and Metrics Mode. The first mode will allow you to check out thousands of recipes, while the second mode will give you real time unfiltered info from the pan.

SmartyPans is an Indiegogo project. They have currently raised $1,667, but need to reach $90,000 within the next 26 days. Click this link if you are interested in supporting this campaign and check out the video below which shows Rahul Baxi, the inventor of SmartyPans, talking about his product.