Do We Need A Coffee Tumbler Covered With Crocodile Skin?



    We all love coffee. Well, many of us do. But does this love for the brewed beverage have anything to do with the container that it comes in? No, it doesn’t. We love coffee because we love caffeine. Then why is there a need for the coffee tumbler you see above that is covered with crocodile skin.

    It’s from Watch Life With Curiosity. Like many coffee tumblers out there this one can also be rinsed with water, can be used to carry hot beverage when you go around the city, and features a carabiner so that it can be carried easily. And similar to all other products, this also comes in different colors including black, brown and blue.

    So what’s special about the new tumbler? Handcrafted by the leather craftsman Jeremy Kastelani, the coffee tumbler features materials like crocodile skin and barenia calf leather. That means that it won’t be cheap. It comes with a price tag of 180€ (around $230). Will anyone want to spend that much amount for a coffee tumbler? Well, there are people who are very fond of such things, like rich people or people who pretend to be rich but actually are skipping a few dinners to play with croc skin or people who are fond of animals in a different way.

    If you see yourself playing with the coffee tumbler in the near future, then you should also would like to check out new cup sleeves (for handle-less cups) made of calf leather (60€) or crocodile skin (95€). They have also been handcrafted by Jeremy Kastelani. It also features a carabiner and will provide you with protection from the hot coffee. In case you are wondering, there are cheaper cup sleeves out there.