CalmSpace: Take A Peaceful Power Nap At Your Office (Video)

CalmSpace: Take A Peaceful Power Nap At Your Office (Video)



No matter how many hours you sleep every night, there are days at the office which will make you yawn dozens of times. It might be the day for one of those boring monthly meetings or for doing some mundane paper work. And all your thoughts eventually lead to that beautiful bedroom of yours at home. Of course, you can take a power nap on top your desk and get fired for that. Another option is the couch in the employees’ lounge where you won’t get any peace of mind. What you need is “CalmSpace – a self-contained pod for taking naps at work”.

Designed by Haworth, an office furniture company in the US, CalmSpace will allow you to take 10, 15 or 20 minute power naps on an angled mattress. The lighting system (designed by Paris-based Zyken) in the polygonal room will use red light to gently put you to sleep and changes the light to blue when it’s time to wake you up.

A recent study apparently has shown that the energy levels of the employees become low between 11 am and 4 pm. And for them to be more productive, they should take rest through short naps. So is CalmSpace a must have in all the offices? Maybe all the bosses won’t allow it. Then there’s always coffee, right?