Samsung Galaxy S5 Takes On ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (Video)

Samsung Galaxy S5 Takes On ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (Video)



It’s fun to see celebrities pouring ice water on their heads especially when it’s for a good cause, right? But now, it’s not a human being that’s taking on the challenge. Well, it’s not even a living thing. It’s the Samsung Galaxy S5 that’s dealing with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in the video posted below from Samsung Mobile UK.

In the video below, the Galaxy S5 is utilizing its computer voice to talk about what the clip is all about. Then ice and water falls on the device and it appears to be working fine after the impact. Then the Galaxy S5 nominates the iPhone 5s, the HTC One M8 and the Nokia Lumia 930.

According to the info available on YouTube, the “Galaxy S5 just did it for the Motor Neurone Disease Association”. But this also appears to be good marketing for the device. What do you think?