Nutlock: Protect Your Bicycle Wheels From Theft (Video)

Nutlock: Protect Your Bicycle Wheels From Theft (Video)



Did you know that an expert thief only takes about 30 seconds to remove a wheel from a bicycle. It’s that easy. But not if you are using Nutlock.

With Nutlock, you will be using custom engineered fasteners instead of existing ones (hex-nuts or QR skewers) on the wheel. And if you want to remove these new fasteners you will have to use the unique key that will be available in the package. This means that the tools the thief brings with him/her (it’s usually him I guess) won’t work with the Nutlock, and your wheels will be safe. And also, you can finally stop using multiple locks to protect your entire bicycle.

Nutlock is a Kickstarter project which has already met its goal of $15,000. You can still be a backer if interested; if you pledge $39 you will get two sets of Nutlock for protecting both the wheels on your bike.

Check out the video below to know more about Nutlock. And don’t forget to leave your thoughts about it in the comments below.