Cambridge University Calls For Chocolate Expert



    “If there’s no chocolate in Heaven, I’m not going.” said Jane Seabrook. What if heaven gets replaced by workplace in the same context? Sounds like a dream job right? Well, brace yourself for this is no joke. A recent job posting by The University of Cambridge says they are looking for a doctoral student to study the fundamentals of chocolate.

    The skills set in question demands more than just having a sweet tooth. The ideal candidate must possess a good university degree, engineering and physics skills, a track record in scientific experimentation, extensive experience of studying soft solids, and be good at mathematics. It will be a fully funded and three-and-a-half-year research project that will start tentatively on January 2015.

    Most of you probably have gone through the heart-breaking experience of your hidden chocolate stash getting converted into chocolate sauce as you kept it aside to consume later. Well, worry no more as this particular research work will revolve around how to keep chocolates from melting when stored and sold in warm climates, with all the properties intact.

    The Department of Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology listed this profile as “mainly experimental.” There is just one catch: Only EU nationals can apply. So in case you’re interested and you fit perfectly into this chocolaty profile, time is running out as the application deadline is Aug. 29.

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