Ebola Outbreak An International Health Emergency, Says WHO

Ebola Outbreak An International Health Emergency, Says WHO



It’s been almost 40 years since Ebola was first identified in humans and at present we are dealing with the most severe outbreak of all time. The current outbreak has infected at least 1,711 people and 932 of them have died. And now the World Health Organisation has said that the Ebola epidemic is an international health risk.

“The outbreak is moving faster than we can control it,” WHO director-general Margaret Chan said. “The declaration … will galvanize the attention of leaders of all countries at the top level. It cannot be done by the ministries of health alone.”

Just in case you haven’t heard too much about Ebola, there are no proven cures for the disease and no vaccine as well. The treatment for the disease just involves making symptoms such as fever, vomiting and diarrhea less severe to prevent dehydration. But the Ebola virus can easily be stopped from spreading as it transmits through contact with bodily fluids.

“This is not a mysterious disease. This is an infectious disease that can be contained,” Keiji Fukuda, WHO head of health security said. “It is not a virus that is spread through the air.”


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