HTC One M8 For Windows Might Look Like This



    We have heard quite a lot about a new Windows Phone handset from HTC. The rumored device is known in the tech world as the HTC W8 or HTC One M8 for Windows, and it could end up looking like the device you see above.

    The image comes to us courtesy of PCMag. And, as you might agree, an HTC handset running the Live Tiles home page on Windows Phone is certainly a very mouth watering sight. But nothing has been confirmed so far, though many are expecting HTC to unveil their new Windows Phone smartphone at their event in New York on the 19th of August. Verizon is expected to be one of the launch partners.

    So, what to expect? We should see the arrival of HTC’s Boom Sound and Duo Cameras on WP, and the device should have that sleek metal body shell which makes the One (M8) very appealing. Just to remind you, the HTC One (M8) comes equipped with a 5-inch, 1080p Gorilla Glass LCD display, dual 4 MP 2688х1520 pixels primary camera, a 5MP front cam, and a microSD card slot.

    Who all want to see an interesting non-Nokia made Windows Phone handset hitting the market? Share your thoughts below.