LG’s 18-inch Flexible And Transparent OLED Displays (Video)

LG’s 18-inch Flexible And Transparent OLED Displays (Video)



LG earlier revealed their very flexible 18-inch OLED panel that can be easily rolled into a tube, alongside a transparent panel which features 30% transmittance. If you weren’t convinced at the time that the displays were impressive, maybe you should take a peek at the videos posted here.

As you will see below, the flexible panel is being bent while the imagery on the screen continues without interruption. The images are very clear and sharp, so LG’s new tech could certainly be useful in the future. While the transparent display is, well, transparent.

Imagine a large TV that you can easily get into awkward places. Or think about a TV that can be folded and twisted to get funny celebrity faces. Or how about a TV that can make funny sounds when vibrated. Jokes aside, the tech is very real and we are surely going to see a lot of applications for it in the future. Maybe we will get to see some demos at next year’s CES.

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