LG KizON Wristband For Kids

LG KizON Wristband For Kids



Worried about your kids when they are away from you? What you need is LG’s new wristband called the KizON, which gives parents a convenient way to keep track of their kid’s whereabouts.

Designed for pre-school and primary school children, the LG KizON is coming with a GPS sensor and WiFi that can be used by parents to keep track of their children. Parents can use a tablet or smartphone to see the location of their child in real time.

The KizON also features a “One Step Direct Call” button. This will allow a child to dial a preset number and parents can also contact their kids. And no worries if the child is not picking up, as the system will automatically connect the call if there is no answer for ten seconds. So you will be able to listen to what your kid is doing.

Specs of LG KizON:

  • 64MB of memory
  • 125MB ROM
  • Up to a 3G connection
  • 400mAh battery

The LG KizON will work for 36 hours on a charge. If the battery is running low, the parents will be alerted.

The LG KizON wearable tech will be available in South Korea first on July 10, before getting launched in the US, Canada and Europe in Q3. There haven’t been any hints regarding the pricing of the device.