Chris Froome Wrooms Through Eurotunnel: First And Probably The Last To Cycle...

Chris Froome Wrooms Through Eurotunnel: First And Probably The Last To Cycle Under the English Channel (Video)



It’s that time of the year when pedal power, and sadly, drugs in sports are discussed at large. Yes, the Tour de France is underway and this edition began in jolly old England, the home of defending champion Chris Froome and Team Sky.

Froome haven’t had the best of starts to the Tour, suffered a crash en route London too in one of the English stages, and was placed seventh after the fourth stage. But, the 29-year-old Kenyan-born British ace is well placed to grab the yellow jersey and ride to a successful defense of his crown as the Tour moves into France.

And, as if to reiterate the fact that he is as relaxed and confident as ever, Froome, with Team Sky, in collaboration with Jaguar, rode through the Eurotunnel, some 100 metres below the English Channel, to cross over to France. By completing the “Cycling Under The Sea”, Froome became the first and probably will be the last cyclist to do so when one considers the strict safety rules involved. The special ride (shown in the video above) was shot with multiple cameras, including ones on the cyclist and his bike, to capture the 50-km ride in its full glory.

Do check the behind-the-scenes video of the spectacular ride too (below), which will give you an idea of the precision involved in pulling off the shoot and ride safely. And in case you are wondering, Froome didn’t hold back at all on his time-trial bike, averaging around 60kmph right through the 50km, in near perfect conditions for conducting an individual time trial. A great way to enjoy your rest day during the Tour don’t you think!