Lumia Android Smartphone Bearing Nokia by Microsoft Branding Coming Soon



    As you might know, @evleaks has a good track record when it comes to leaking of unannounced smartphones. If he posts a picture or info about an upcoming handset, it is, most of the time, safe to believe that the device is going to show up officially sometime soon. But a new leak from the serial leakster seems to be a tad too hard to digest.

    According to @evleaks, an Android powered Lumia handset is in the works and it will be bearing the Nokia by Microsoft branding, which we saw on a leaked Lumia 830 device earlier.

    Nokia already put Android smartphones under the X-series, so it is strange to hear that Microsoft is going to launch them under the Lumia name. Maybe Microsoft is planning to kill the X-series and put all the devices under the Lumia/Nokia by Microsoft branding.

    Many fans of Google’s OS should be happy to hear this news. Nokia brings out some impressive hardware, but people who do not buy their devices are just not too interested in the Windows Phone OS. But if a Lumia Android smartphone hits the market, it surely is going to turn many heads. And Microsoft might use the device to popularize its services. Services like Bing, Outlook, OneDrive, and OneNote are available exclusively on Nokia X devices without Google services.

    Also Windows Phone hasn’t become very popular as expected. The company surely has to try other things.

    Meanwhile, here is another new message from @evleaks:

    “The Lumia 1525 from Nokia by Microsoft is a Windows Phone 8.1-powered 1520 with the SoC upgraded to a Snapdragon 801. Besides T-Mobile, it’s also going to — wait for it, wait for it — AT&T and Verizon.”