Wanna Cycle In Your Skirt, Try Penny In Your Pants (Video)

Wanna Cycle In Your Skirt, Try Penny In Your Pants (Video)



Green activists, health freaks and cycling enthusiasts alike have been putting their heads together to find ideas to pass on to city planners and authorities to make cycling more accessible to everyone and, more importantly, more safe on city roads. And one of the focus areas has been on how to make women comfortable on the saddle.

One big barrier, which may have been keeping the ladies and Scotsmen (no offense to the Scots or the kilt) away from the saddle, would have been the technical difficulties involved in riding a bicycle while wearing a skirt, or a kilt!

Recently, in CycleHack, a 48-hour event where inventors got together to devise means to “make cities more cycle friendly,” one of the important points of discussion was skirts and saddles. And, what do you know; they came up with an ingenious solution. Cheap one that too, costing just pennies, literally! That’s a change in cycling, which is all about big bucks these days.

So ladies and Scots (again no offence), keep a penny and a rubber band handy in case you want to pedal in skirts or kilt. It’s “Penny in (yo) your pants” time!

Check out the video to find out how. And, in case you need details, visit the Penny in your pants project website.

Time to join the fun, gals!

So, who all want to cycle in your skirt from now on?


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