Solar-Powered Smart Benches

Solar-Powered Smart Benches



It’s all smart things no matter where we look. There’s the smartphone in your pocket, the smart TV in your living room, the smartwatch on your wrist, then you probably have a smart refrigerator and maybe also the smart fan, and many more. It’s getting so smart all around us that we will probably reach a point where we won’t have to use our brains anymore. But we can never say no to smart benches called Soofas, introduced in Boston.

Invented by MIT Media Lab spinoff Changing Environments, a Verizon Innovation Program, these solar-powered benches will be introduced in several parks in Boston over the next week. You can sit on these park benches and also charge your mobiles. Furthermore, the benches will also utilize Verizon’s network to connect to the Internet to upload info such as air quality and noise levels.

Residents of Boston can recommend parks to install Soofas. To do that, just go to or tweet the location to @newurbanmechs. You can also suggest names for the Soofas via Twitter (@mysoofa) or

Hopefully, these benches will become popular and we will see them in parks around the world. Do you want to see a smart bench in a park near you? Share your thoughts below.