Lamborghini Gallardo Splits Into Two After Crash In Thailand, Driver Escapes Without...

Lamborghini Gallardo Splits Into Two After Crash In Thailand, Driver Escapes Without Injuries



This incident should by no means be considered an indicator of how safe Lamborghini cars are for it was by sheer luck that Pitak Riangsima, a 40-year-old Thai businessman, survived the 150 km/h crash into a tree under wet conditions. Driving at those speeds in heavy rain is not a good idea, be it the Lamborghini Gallardo, or any other sportscar which are designed to offer tremendous amount of grip and control in adverse conditions.

The Gallardo, as we know, has an all-wheel drive system that adds to its stability at high speeds. Riangsima would have thought the same too, but ended up crashing into a tree after his car lost control on Phitsanulok-Nakhonsawan Road in tambon Tao Dam of Bang Rakam district in Thailand. He was on his way from Bangkok to Phitsanulok for a meeting, reported the Bangkok Post. The businessman managed to get out of the vehicle and was surprised to see the car split into two. Such was the impact of the crash and Riangsima must be thanking his stars for keeping him safe.


The driver, apparently, was wearing a Buddha amulet gifted to him by a friend during a temple visit, a little before the crash. So was it the amulet that protected Raingsima? Or is it the Italian car manufacturer’s impact dissipation technology? But the car splitting into two is not likely to be a safety feature, is it? Do share your views in the comment section.

And whatever be the case, Lamborghini will be very interested to look into the incident and figure out how the car split.