Fly Over the Waves With This Jet-Powered Hoverboard (Video)

Fly Over the Waves With This Jet-Powered Hoverboard (Video)



Catching the waves is more fun that just sitting on the beach, but what’s better is flying 16 feet above them on a hoverboard which is powered by a high-speed water jet. It’s the ZR Hoverboard, a wakeboard having a rear-mounted water jet for propelling you at up to 16 MPH.

But you can’t work it own your own. It has to be tethered to your boat or jet ski by using a hose. And it connects to the company’s Flyboard, so you will have to buy one if you don’t already own it. There is also a 1.5-hour mandatory training course that you will have to take before you can speed off on a jet-powered hoverboard. That will cost you $350.

And there is this thing about our world that makes fun things very expensive. The new hoverboard comes with a price tag of $2,675; you will have to pay $8325 for the Flyboard and Hoverboard bundle.

So are you interested in flying over the waves? Or are you just going to enjoy the sun lying on the beach?