Pagani Reveals Zonda 760 LM One-off Supercar (Video)

Pagani Reveals Zonda 760 LM One-off Supercar (Video)



Pagani might not be producing Zonda any longer, sadly. The Italian supercar builder rolled out 135 Zondas (including test mules) from 1999 till production was officially shut in 2012 with three special edition cars, the Zonda 760 RS, Zonda 760 LH and the Zonda 764 Passione. But knowing the Italians and the passion Zonda brings out among car lovers across the world (more importantly, car lovers with big bucks to spend unlike me), the Zonda will live on.

Pagani recently unveiled another one-off version of the Zonda—the 760 LM. Apparently, the company still receives many orders from—you guessed it right—super-rich customers who want one-off versions custom-made for them.

The new Zonda is as much a Zonda as the earlier ones, and, with a bare carbon body finish, with prominent roof scoop and huge rear diffuser, keeps all Tom, Dick and Harry drooling. The 760 LM has prominent dual air ducts on the hood while the wheel arches are wider than previous Zondas, maybe for slightly rougher rides and stability. After all, the 760 LM is a street legal car and “streets” are not racetrack smooth—be it in Europe or the US.

Other visible changes include a much, much bigger rear wing with large side end plates, brake calipers painted in the Italian flag, along with LM decals on the sides.

The Zonda is powered by a V12 7.3-liter AMG naturally-aspirated engine, which is capable of delivering 760 PS (559 kW) transmitted to the sexy wheels through a sequential gearbox. Pagani will unveil the Zonda X soon, which would be based and derived from the 760 LM, but as the ‘X’ in the name suggests, should be a sexier version. Wonder which rich bloke has ordered it?