Amazon Smartphone Will Be Exclusive To AT&T?

Amazon Smartphone Will Be Exclusive To AT&T?



Rumors about Amazon’s very own smartphone have been flying around on the internet for a while now. We might finally get a chance to take a peek at the device tomorrow (18th June) at Amazon’s special event. And we have yet another rumor about the device, coming to us from The Wall Street Journal.

According to WSJ, the Amazon smartphone will be available exclusively through AT&T and will be shipped by the end of September. They reportedly have got the info from “people familiar with” Amazon’s plans. But we haven’t got any hints regarding the device’s price tag or whether it will be permanently exclusive to AT&T? But many are expecting Amazon to sell the device unlocked through its website.

Specs of the device are a mystery so far, but we have been hearing that it will feature 3D tracking which will allow hands-free interaction with the device. It’s retina-tracking technology is said to work via four front-facing cameras or sensors.

But, of course, things won’t be too easy for Amazon on the market as there are upcoming devices from Samsung and Apple, and LG’s G3 is already here.