The Longest Goal Shout

The Longest Goal Shout



If you are a hardcore fan of South American football, you probably have heard a lot of commentators producing some of the longest goal shouts ever. But this story is from Romania. Ilie Dobre, from Radio Romania News, gave out a goal shout which probably lasted until the goal scorer stopped his celebrations.

Dobre was the commentator for the game between Romania and Hungary in the World Qualification preliminary round. Romania, of course, didn’t make it to the Brazil World Cup but Dobre gave his country a football-related world title during the match. He yelled “goal” for 1 minute and 8 seconds, which is the world record for the longest goal shout (with a single breath) according to the World Record Academy.

So what’s the secret of his voice, you wonder? Dobre says that he hasn’t had any voice issues as he is not into smoking and drinking alcohol or cold water. Check out Dobre’s yell below.

We might hear a lot of such shouts during the FIFA World Cup which begins in a few hours. Are you waiting anxiously for the event to begin? Share your thoughts below.


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