iPhone 5S Mini From China



    You probably have heard the rumor that Apple has plans to release a mini version of their upcoming iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 is expected to come with a bigger screen (4.7-inch or 5.5-inch), while the iPhone 6 Mini could arrive with a 3.5-4 -inch display and equipped with low end specs. What you see above is a mini version of the iPhone made by Chinese cloners, but it’s not the iPhone 6 Mini.

    The device is a fake iPhone 5S Mini which fits inside the palm of your hands. But you probably already have decided that you won’t be holding it in your hands. As you might agree, we can never tell what we get if we spend money on such phones. The device might disintegrate after one phone call or could explode in your face due to crappy wiring. But there is the possibility that we might hear about this device again in the future, via an Apple lawsuit.

    But just in case you want to play with the device, one of the device’s features is that the screen can show you only 3 icons at a time. So who all want to play with the new iPhone 5S Mini?