The Power Of Music (Video)

The Power Of Music (Video)



Music makes us happy when we are depressed, can relax us when we are anxious, takes us to far off lands while we are enjoying the comfort of our couch, and it can heal. If you are a true fan of any form of music, you probably are aware of its power to transform someone’s life. But if you aren’t aware of its importance, you should take a look at the video posted below.

In order to transform the lives of the residents of a nursing home, social worker Dan Cohen creates personalized iPod playlists for them. Music has brought some joy to the elderly people living there. The reaction of one among them, Henry, was shot as a part of a documentary called Alive Inside. As you will see in the clip, a sense of identity is brought back to Henry after he listens to his favorite songs for a few minutes.

Check out the video and leave your thoughts below. Which is your favorite song of all time?