Supernova Lighter iPhone Case



    From normal cases that just do no more than giving protection for your beloved device to the weirdest of them all, there are tons of iPhone cases out there at the moment. And now here we have a case for all the addicts out there: the Supernova Lighter iPhone case.

    When you are stressed out at work or are finding it hard to go on anymore, you might be one of those who prefer to find comfort in a cigarette rather than using meditation or some other relaxation techniques to cool off. If yes is your answer, you should know how frustrating it is when you can’t find your lighter just before a smoke. You gave it to your friend and didn’t get it back? You left it at the coffee shop? Your dog ate it? Whatever happened to your lighter, those things will never happen to your Supernova Lighter iPhone case as it will always be attached to your precious handset.

    You will be able to light your cigarette with the help of an electrically heated wire, which is built into the case. And the lighter can be recharged by using a micro USB cable. The case (for iPhone 5/5S) is available here with a price tag of $34.95.

    We would like to finish this article by saying that all of us at Mobilemag are into physical exercise, healthy diets and meditation. So we can’t leave without saying that smoking is a killer. You guys should stay away from cigarettes.