Multipod Studio’s Pop-Up House (Video)

Multipod Studio’s Pop-Up House (Video)



Looking for an affordable little prefab home that can be assembled very easily? Look no further. Check out the recently unveiled Pop-Up House from Multipod Studio. The first prototype of the low-cost home, which features lightweight and breathable materials, has been built in the pine valleys of the South of France.

The structure of the Pop-Up House is made by utilizing a unique low-cost system which has been patented by Multipod Studio. It involves using insulating blocks and wooden panels which will ensure good thermal insulation decreasing the need for more heating. They assemble insulation blocks separated by wooden panels using long wood screws, so all you need is a screwdriver.

With this type of construction, everything is removable and recyclable. And you will save money since the materials used are inexpensive. The entire house can be built in four days, so saves time as well.

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