Google Glass: What Will You Do If It Tracked Your Brain?

Google Glass: What Will You Do If It Tracked Your Brain?



You search for a bicycle online and Google will start showing you a sale of cycles on Amazon. As you should know already, Google tracks the online activity of users and shows ads that the users might be interested in. And the search giant’s strategy is certainly allowing them to make a fortune. But there is new technology available that might be what Google will eventually use to make their business model more successful.

A new wearable device, developed by a company called Personal Neuro, is capable of tracking the brain activity of its users. The device can apparently sense taste and emotion, thanks to electroencephalography (EEG).

You can guess what Google can do with such a technology. If Google adds the tech into its Google Glass, the device could collect your brain data and then use all the info to suggest brands and ads that you might be interested in. Data from EEG scans when used with eye-tracking and GPS location could allow more personalized marketing.

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Tony Gaitatzis, an executive at Personal Neuro, says: “The potential is incredible and hyper-targeted to the point where it is no longer advertising. Let’s say a person goes to Barclays and geolocation recognizes this. Maybe it’s time to start advertising Barclays to them.”

But, of course, the existence of the tech does not confirm that Google will certainly use it in the future. But maybe they will.

So, what do you think? Will Google add brain tracking on Google Glass? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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