Apple iWatch Might Have Entered Production

Apple iWatch Might Have Entered Production



While Apple fans are waiting anxiously for the arrival of the next-gen iPhone, most of them also want to know what the company has to offer as their own wearable computer. The latest reports are suggesting that we won’t have to wait too long to get our hands on the Apple iWatch.

According to an article in China Times, the iWatch has already entered production at Apple’s suppliers’ factories. Apple’s first wearable computer is being produced in limited quantities and will be released in fall 2014.

Around 2 million to 3 million iWatches will reportedly be shipped out by the manufacturers in the second quarter and that number will reach 14 million to 15 million by the end of Q3. If these numbers are correct, Apple surely believes that their iWatch is going to be a big success.

The iPhone 6 is expected to be coming in the fall featuring a bigger display (a 4.7-inch one) compared to its predecessors and maybe a curvier frame as well. Also expected this fall is an updated iPad Air and iPad mini.

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