Lamborghini Gallardo Catches Fire In Texas Drag Race (Video)

Lamborghini Gallardo Catches Fire In Texas Drag Race (Video)



Kids, a Lamborghini is a toy for big boys. Drivers do find themselves literally in a hot seat while taking a spin in a Gallardo, one of the fastest cars from the Italian manufacturer’s stable. In an invitational event in Texas, that seat became too hot for comfort.

Two identical 1,800 hp Gallardos were pitted against each other on a drag strip during the event, a dream match up no doubt. In a drag, one of the V10 beasts had to end up on the losing side. But the competition was so close and hot that one car caught fire after blowing one of its turbochargers at 200 mph (322 kmph).

Lamborghini engineers, however, have built in failsafe mechanisms in the car in case things get too hot inside. The orange Gallardo’s (see video) integrated fire system kicked in and the car ended up with only cosmetic damages—a few melted body panels.