Video: Do You Want to Taste Your Smartphone?

Video: Do You Want to Taste Your Smartphone?


You can see your phone and you can hear your phone, but would you want to taste your phone? Scientists from the National University of Singapore think you do and they’ve already started working on the tech to support this kind of functionality.

Demonstrated in Spain last month, the tech consists of a “digital lollipop” connected to your smart device. The lollipop is able to quickly change its electric current and temperature, so when you place it on your tongue, it is able to fool your taste buds into thinking that you’ve got something salty, sweet, sour, bitter or umami in your mouth.

No, it doesn’t replicate the texture or the smell, but it can replicate different tastes of different intensities. It’s completely weird, but the scientists say that there could be some medical applications for this, as well as commercial applications where gamers are rewarded with a sweet flavor for achieving a goal and a bitter one for failing to pass a level.

This all reminds me of the Jimmy Kimmel skit where they told passers-by that the new iPhone 5S had a click it and lick it feature