Apple Black Friday Deals Online Start at Midnight

Apple Black Friday Deals Online Start at Midnight


I’ve got some good news and some bad news for all the Cupertino fans in the audience. The good news is that Apple has indeed confirmed that it will be participating in the Black Friday madness, both via its website and through its regular retail stores. The bad news is that they’re not telling us what sort of deals we should be expecting yet.

The online part of the Apple Black Friday sale will commence promptly at midnight, so you’ll at least have a few hours to spend with your loved ones at Thanksgiving dinner before you disappear into the darkness with your laptop in tow. The retail stores will likely just have closer to regular retail hours, but you’ll want to check with your local store for further details.

If previous years are any indication and given that Apple doesn’t exactly have a habit of heavily discounting its hardware, the sales won’t be exactly Earth shattering. You can probably expect to save about $100 off the purchase of a MacBook, for example, and somewhere between $20 and $50 or so on an iPod. If you do choose to shop online, shipping is free with a minimum purchase.

Of course, you could look for some bigger deals on Apple gear through other retailers too, but that could mean braving the crowds as they make a mad dash to the electronics department.