Disc Drive Problems Plague Xbox One Consoles on Day One?

Disc Drive Problems Plague Xbox One Consoles on Day One?


When the Sony PlayStation 4 launched last week, most of the critics were reasonably pleased with the next-gen gaming console. However, some users are reproting that the PS4 can crash when you try to do too many things at once and sometimes the system may even fail to boot up at all. They’re already calling it the blue light of death, but Sony isn’t the only one with problems.

The Xbox One from Microsoft was met with a midnight launch earlier today and crowds of people scooped up the console, only to learn that it too has problems. It seems to be affecting a relatively small percentage, but there are people saying that their Xbox One is experiencing some disc drive errors. More specifically, it can make a clicking or grinding noise when the disc is inserted, then the disc gets spit back out. For whatever reason, the Xbox One is failing to read the disc at all.

Several users have already taken to YouTube to document and share their Xbox disc grinding experience. It sure doesn’t sound good, but the hope is that this is limited to just a few people. It’s probably just a manufacturing defect.